Teaching student collaboration

I taught and led a Google design sprint inspired by AJ & Smart.
The purpose of this week long module was to show UX students how to solve a design challenge and come up with a working prototype in four days.
Identifying the design challenge
At Lambda School, our UX students were tasked with redesigning the student dashboard to make it more useful and actionable.
Setting up for success
With only two hours of lesson each day, I split the students into groups of 5-6. To apply their learnings, I created a design sprint template for each team to fill out and track their progress.
Remote learning tools
As we learned new skills each day, we practiced using virtual stickies and whiteboards.
During this exercise, the students brainstormed our student journey through InVision Freehand.
Students added in their sketches in google slides and dot voted on the ones they thought solved the problem well.
Students added in their user feedback in stickies.io.
At the end of the week, students showcased their work to Lambda School's product manager and designer. Feedback from the design sprint was incorporated as part of the new student dashboard redesign!
The following are some examples of the deliverables the students put together.
Example of work was put together by UX students Leslee Wood, Joanne Berina, Harper Atlas, Vital Boisset, and Aaryn McDade.
By teaching the design sprint methodology, students were able to learn how to problem solve together across different timezones. This also helped them grasped the concept of working quickly and not getting attached to one's work.
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