Melissa Kark

Hi, I’m Melissa! 👋

I’m a curious minded, customer focused User Experience designer and I enjoy building products that have a positive impact on people. I have experience in building mobile responsive, iOS, Android and wearable products targeting different customer segments.

My peers would describe me as a user empathizer, strong relationship builder and highly organized. In the past, I’ve helped drive design processes at Verizon to help achieve their business needs.

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Verizon Fios | Self-Installation Flow

Helping customers digitally install their TV and Internet equipment.

Mobile Responsive

Verizon | Smart Home

Smart Home Management Application.

iOS | Android


Verizon Fios | Disconnect Flow

Making it easier for customers to disconnect their services.

Mobile Responsive


Verizon | Wear24

Verizon’s first exclusive smartwatch and companion app.

iOS | Android | Android Wearable


Verizon | UI Requirements

Handling UI requirements for Verizon’s smartphones.