Verizon sought to build a watch brand that differentiated themselves from its competitors. One of the ways that users could customize the watch was through its companion application.

The Approach

The purpose of the app was to give the user the ability to customize the watch face. To understand the smartwatch market, we focused testing competitor smartwatches like Fossil, Apple and Tag Heuer. Smartwatch surveys were also sent to help us understand what features were important.

Key findings:

  • Prospective customers were looking for convenience

  • Users that were physically active had an interest in some sort of fitness or training tracking

  • Common use cases included checking the time, calendar and anything that they needed to act on right away.

Based on the data, we started to conceptualize as to how the app could look like.

Conceptual Sketched

Concepts were then designed into wireframes and placed into user testing.


Based on the user testing feedback, we iterated on the design again. Some of the takeaways included modifying the copy so that the various names resonated with users. We also redesigned the screen to make the user feel that they were accomplishing their goals, by reducing the number of choices.

Once the technology teams finalized the build, we would test for bugs and design quirks. I also organized content for the quick reference guides, focusing on customer setup.

The Impact

The Verizon exclusive smart watch launched in February 2017. The product added diversity and a growth opportunity to our device portfolio.

Designers: Melissa Kark, Denise Lyn-Shue, Layton Diament | Visual Designers: Martin Bunyi, Eric Winkle | Technical Engineers: Quentin Robinson

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