Verizon Smart Home

In 2016, Verizon sought to diversify their portfolio by adding a device that provided Internet, Phone and Smart Home Management features. The device, paired with a smart home application, allowed users to manage their smart home products.

The Approach

The smart home space was new territory for our team. We collaborated closely to distill hefty requirements into simple use cases and focused heavily on understanding the Smart Home landscape. Our primary goal was aligning these requirements to what smart home customers would expect to see.

We tested competitor products like Google Wi-Fi and Nest. Lo-fi wireframes were tested with our usability research partners to make sure the experience felt right to the user.

Early conceptional sketches

Defining Use Cases


The Impact

The smart home application launched in June 2017 and was another source of revenue for Verizon. The app was compatible with many different smart home accessories which helped drive incremental accessory sales.

UX Lead: Melissa Kark | Visual Design: Lindsey Wojtowicz | Product Manager: Viswa Reddy | Technical Leads: Charlie Balboa, Erwin Levy | Developers: SmartCom

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