Verizon Smart Home App

In 2016, Verizon sought to diversify their device portfolio by adding a smart home device. This was a product that provided internet, phone and smart home management features. The device also came with a companion application for users to manage their smart home.

My Involvement
I was responsible for designing the interaction on the companion application. This included how customers would set up their device and add smart home gadgets.

Competitive Research
We researched smart home competitors like Nest and Google On Hub, as well as others. These products offered users an easy and intuitive way to manage their homes. The interfaces were visually pleasing and gave users a subset of features. Common features included managing device controls and automation.


Use Cases and Sketches
The product's description was in a requirements document over 50 pages long. I collaborated with the Product Manager and Technical lead to break those into use cases. One of the use cases was focused on device onboarding. A device could be connected through the cloud or locally. There were several iterations of sketches to try to solve the device onboarding. The goal for the user was to easily add their device from the main home page.  We also made sure they could recover from any errors.


Wireframes and Prototyping
After the team validated the sketches, we moved into wireframing and prototyping. 


Usability Testing Findings
One of they key problem areas we discovered was in the non-cloud device pairing flow. For example, customers had trouble manually pairing a Fibaro motion sensor. It was challenging for the user to tap the button 3 times to initiate pairing at the right time. We also realized from a technical standpoint that the app would start scanning for the device before the user completed the instructions. 


Updated Sketches and Wireframes
As a result, we modified our flow by adding instructional visuals and worked with our technical teams to initiate the device scan at the appropriate time. 


Project Results
Device and companion app launched in June of 2017. The new smart home product was another source of revenue for Verizon. It also supported a number of smart home accessories which helped drive incremental accessory sales.

Visual design by Lindsey Wojtowicz

Visual design by Lindsey Wojtowicz